Although no one can guarantee that you will not be a victim of rape, there are precautions you can take to significantly reduce the odds of this happening to you. But first, check out these jaw dropping statistics from research done by Kansas State University:

  • 84% of women who are raped know their perpetrator.

  • 57% of all rapes occur while on a date.

  • 84% of male students who had committed acts that clearly met the legal definition of rape said what they had done was definitely not rape.

  • 75% of male and 55% of female students in an occurrence of date rape had been drinking or using drugs.

  • 25% of men surveyed believed that rape was acceptable if: the women asks the man out; if the man pays for the date, or the woman goes back to the man’s room after the date.

  • 50% of high school boys and 42% of girls said there were times it was acceptable for a male to hold a female down and physically force her to engage in intercourse.

Why Self Defense Is So Important?